Expert: Bulking up on stocks a risky retirement strategy

Jul 20, 2011

Stocks may be a roll of the dice for those nearing retirement.

While thinking about and planning for the future is stressed more frequently for the younger generation, sometimes the ones who should be thinking about it - the forty-, fifty- and sixty-year-olds - may not be.

As this age group prepares to enjoy their last few years of full-time work, they start to realize they have not given retirement funding much thought. Left in a difficult situation, Huffington Post contributor Pamela Yellen says some financial planners are encouraging their clients to load up on stocks to make up the difference.

However, Yellen compares that strategy to "playing Russian roulette with retirement funds" and says people may be better off investing in safer products, and making up to a lack of savings in another way, such as working longer or investing in life insurance plans.

A recent Harris Interactive poll found many current pre-retirees expected to work for several extra years, with many saying they may pick up a part-time job after retiring to stay active and boost their finances.

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