Experts seek unhealthy prevention strategies over poor public health scores

Dec 10, 2010

Increased fruit and vegetable intake allows a person to maintain good health.

In 2005 the National Fruit and Vegetable Alliance created a National Action Plan with its purpose to devise a detailed approach for improved public health through increased consumption of fruit and vegetables. The 2010 results show the average intake of those foods is far below recommended levels, so the plan’s next step is to come up with strategies to close the gap between actual and recommended fruit and vegetable intake in America.

The NFVA has come up with forward looking prevention strategies like increasing the accessibility of fruits and vegetables in communities, schools, work sites and restaurants; Strengthening nutrition education programs and promotion efforts that provides consumers the skills and motivation they need to make better food choices; Aligning federal funding priorities to be consistent with federal dietary guidelines.

“We need to focus our effort on promoting healthful foods,” said Christine Tobin, president of the Health Care & Education of the American Diabetes Association. “Chronic and preventable diseases are linked to obesity and poor diet. It’s time to step up our prevention efforts.”

The healthier a person is, the less they will have to pay for life insurance. Consuming a balanced diet can offer more than just health benefits, as people may also realize they can achieve better life insurance premiums. 

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