Facebook game teaches diabetes health

Nov 22, 2010

Going online may help one learn how to manage their diabetes

Social networking websites are frequented by many people on a regular basis, often multiple times a day. From employers to marketing companies, the tool has become more widely used for an expanding list of reasons.

A Facebook game called HeathSeeker Explorando tu Salud, Paso a Paso (Exploring your Heath, Step by Step) aims to educate Spanish-speakers on the ways they can manage diabetes. The game is being launched in time for World Diabetes day, which is November 14.

Diabetes Hands Foundation president Manny Hernandez says having a support network can help make managing diabetes easier.

"World Diabetes Day is a perfect time to educate the diabetes community about their health," says Hernandez. "I know how much having support of friends and family both online and offline can mean to those living with a chronic disease, particularly Latinos."

In many cases, type 2 diabetes can be avoided through a proper diet and exercise. Those who are diagnosed with the condition may find themselves facing higher life insurance premiums in addition to having to spend more time managing their health to keep the disease at bay.

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