Finding an insurance agent doesn't have to be difficult

Nov 11, 2010

People should discuss their insurance needs with an agent they trust

Most people know the value of having some sort of life insurance. However, the myriad of options can be difficult to tread through. Having a good agent can help make the process of getting and maintaining appropriate coverage.

Finding an insurer can be difficult if a person doesn't know what qualities to look for. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has some advice for novice agent shoppers.

As with most major decisions, the NAIC recommends people do their research. Nearly 80 percent of respondents to an NAIC survey indicated they asked family and friends for advice with their insurance needs.

When consulting others, the NAIC suggests asking about customer service, how knowledgeable the agents are and rates. These are just a few basic things that can make a big difference in a policyholder's satisfaction. Searching the internet for reviews can also be helpful.

While obtaining advice from others is helpful, it's important to remember that selecting an insurance agent is a personal decision. Individual circumstances and preferences are ultimately what need to be taken into consideration when looking for an insurer.

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