Finding federal employee's life insurance policy

Nov 11, 2010

Families of federal employees have ways to find their life insurance policies.

Being a worker for the federal government comes with certain benefits, including life insurance coverage.

However, like with any other kind of life insurance, having clarity among family members is a key issue, especially if the federal employee dies. In a recent blog post for - which covers issues faced by government managers - Reg Jones received a question from a reader regarding rooting out a policy.

The reader's brother, who was an employee for the U.S. Postal Service, died recently, but told his family while he was alive that he had life insurance coverage through the government. However, when his widow approached a post office, she was told her husband did not have coverage.

Jones said the widow should contact the Office of Personnel Management's Retirement Information Office. In doing so, she should have her husband's retiree number at her disposal.

"They will know whether she is entitled to a survivor annuity and a benefit from the Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance program," Jones wrote.

Experts note consumers should make sure they tell their families if they have a life insurance policy, which will make things easier on relatives in the future.

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