First lady spreads healthy lifestyle campaign to military personnel

Feb 07, 2011

Healthy eating important to troops as well

Eating well and exercising are not just good habits to get into, they're matters of national security, Michelle Obama said recently, according to CNN.

The first lady, the news network reported, attended a briefing in late January led by Lieutenant General Mark Hertling, the Army's deputy commanding general for training. He said it is becoming difficult for recruiters to find prospective soldiers who meet basic fitness requirements, and added that 40 percent of new recruits every year were overweight.

As part of the same trip, CNN said, Obama spoke to a group of soldiers just finishing their basic training, telling them they had "learned to make better choices about what you eat." The news network also said she recently taped an interview with Oprah Winfrey in Chicago on the same topic.

The first lady has been engaged in a long-term campaign to educate the country about healthy eating habits, enlisting the help of major corporations and celebrities alike. Staying in shape can make people feel better and qualify them for improved life insurance rates.

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