First Lady urges more attention to healthy menu items

Nov 11, 2010

Michelle Obama has made childhood obesity one of her main issues.

Life insurance customers have long known that they can save money on their premiums by maintaining a healthy lifestyle that reduces their risk of contracting chronic medical problems that can be flagged as pre-existing conditions.

While a growing number of Americans in recent years have adopted more active lifestyles, obesity has continued to be a stubborn public health problem that affects nearly one-third of the overall population. As a result, some public health experts have been urging the restaurant industry to take these concerns into account with the menu items it offers.

The latest remarks in this matter were delivered earlier in the week by First Lady Michelle Obama, who urged the National Restaurant Association to continue making progress in ensuring that consumers have healthy options when choosing to dine out.

For example, she suggested that menu items don't have to sacrifice taste if they are prepared with low-fat milk, less cream and butter and with healthy side options such as carrots and apples to go along with French fries.

The First Lady also pointed out that restaurant meals can have twice as many calories as home-cooked meals, which is something that consumers of all ages should consider as they strive for better health and less expensive health and life insurance costs.

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