Flash mob brings attention to long-term care needs

Jun 24, 2011

Flash mob educates crowd

New York City residents were surprised by a group of people dressed as senior citizens when they started waltzing in the Times Square this week. The flash mob then began swing dancing before the crowd, all part of a larger plan to educate people about long-term care needs, that may also include life insurance policies.

"As our population gets older and lives longer, three out of every four of us will need more than regular health care," said elder care expert Dr. Marion Somers. "These long-term care needs can sneak up on us as quickly as a flash mob – which is why it's so important for Americans to plan ahead."

The majority of long-term care costs are related to personal care or assistance, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. The amount of care needed will fluctuate with each individual, as will the cost. In 2009, the average cost of one day in adult day care was $67, and one month in an assisted living facility was $3,131, the government reports.

The group will spend the summer traveling the country in an attempt to bring awareness to people about the financial burden caring for a loved one can create.  

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