Florida honors healthcare providers

Dec 10, 2010

Healthcare providers are being recognized by Florida.

The Florida Association for Healthcare Quality recently made note of Governor Charlie Crist signing a proclamation recognizing the work of professionals in this field.

According to the organization, the week of October 17 is National Healthcare Quality Week, which is a time to recognize how those who provide medical treatment can help improve patient outcomes. The FAHQ pointed out a number of efforts in the state tied to healthcare, including educational initiatives.

"FAHQ applauds these quality leaders who work tirelessly to improve healthcare for all the people of Florida," said Donna Scott, FAHQ president.

New regulations from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will add further changes to the healthcare industry over the next five years and beyond. As a result, insurance companies and medical providers may have to adjust their standards and procedures to remain in compliance.

Meanwhile, consumers who take up some of the health initiatives launched by states and organizations may learn about ways to improve their health. Along with feeling better, adhering to these pieces of advice may lead to lower life insurance premiums.

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