Florida lunchtime workshop could help busy professionals get in shape

Feb 03, 2011

Better food habits can lead to lower life insurance premiums

Two life coaches in Fort Myers, Florida say they have developed a lunchtime workshop to teach people about the psychology of food and help them get over any diet or exercise issues they may have.

The class, titled Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, will offer insight on some of the addictive or destructive eating behaviors which can limit a person's ability to stay in shape, according to Nancy Parker, one of the coaches.

"So many of us create New Year's resolutions around our physical well-being and find that after a couple of weeks, we are right back to the same old habits and unable to reach our goals. We are hoping that this workshop is helpful to those who find they need to go beyond the first few weeks of the year," Parker said.

Even without the help of a life coach, consumers can realize significant benefits from eating healthier, including a sense of well-being and possible lower life insurance premiums. A solid diet can also help people avoid several common health problems later in life, according to medical experts.

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