Florida smokers urged to quit

Jan 31, 2011

Florida smokers are being urged to kick the habit

Cigarette smoking can cause permanent damage to a person's body. The habit can lead to higher life insurance premiums and several serious health conditions.

Tobacco Free Florida is urging residents to quit smoking. According to the group, 70 percent of smokers say they want to kick the habit.

Florida Department of Health deputy secretary of policy and advocacy Kim Berfield says there are things people need to watch out for even after they stop smoking.

"Quitting is only half the battle," says Berfield. "Relapses happen, but it's important that people keep trying and trying, as each attempt to quit is a learning process and a step in the right direction."

To help improve the likelihood of staying smoke-free, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests people write down the reasons for wanting to kick the habit. The practice will allow people to see why it's important to stop smoking.

Additionally, the CDC says it's important to remember quitting takes effort. Nicotine is addictive and it takes time to get the chemical out of a person's system. 

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