For most people, longevity is no guarantee

Nov 19, 2010

The average life expectancy is now longer than ever.

Americans are living longer than ever, with help from advances in medical technology and broader access to information about proper exercise and nutrition.

However, as people age, they become statistically more likely to develop dangerous medical conditions like cancer, heart disease and diabetes - especially if their younger years were characterized by unhealthy habits like smoking, being inactive and eating too much fried and sugar-laden food.

Even those who maintain healthy lifestyles can easily be stricken by a seemingly endless array of accidents and other mishaps, from fires to car crashes and much more.

Still, a small but growing number of people can expect to make it to age 100 or above. In fact, an Associated Press report recently featured Walter Breuning, a Montana resident who at age 114 is now the world's oldest man.

Regardless of an individual's health or habits, maintaining a life insurance policy is an important financial step that can spare loved ones from the burden of trying to pay for funeral expenses or to cover a child's college tuition needs. One useful option for parents of small children may be a term life insurance policy that provides affordable coverage for a set amount of time.

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