Frequent coffee consumption can lower women's risk of stroke

Apr 18, 2011

Women who love their coffee can rejoice, as scientists have found it can lower the risk of stroke.

Despite warnings that adults should limit their coffee consumption, a new study from the American Heart Association discovered drinking more than one cup of java per day can reduce the risk of stroke in women.

Published in Stroke: The Journal of the American Heart Association, the study found that ladies who drink more than one cup of coffee a day had a 22 to 25 percent lower risk of developing a stroke compared with those who had less. Researchers tracked about 36,000 women initially free of heart disease for 10 years during the course of the investigation and concluded that smoking status, body mass index and other cardiovascular risk factors did not affect the benefits of coffee.

Susanna Larsson, the lead author of the study, said while many women may believe consuming an excess of coffee could bolster life insurance premiums by encouraging health problems, it may actually decrease the risk for multiple diseases.

"Some women have avoided consuming coffee because they have thought it is unhealthy. In fact, increasing evidence indicates that moderate coffee consumption may decrease the risk of some diseases such as diabetes, liver cancer and possibly stroke," she said.

Researchers say coffee beans are a leading source of antioxidants, a molecule capable of boosting the body's immune system and fighting free radicals that damage cells

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