Gastric bypass is most effective weight loss surgery

Mar 10, 2011

Gastric bypass can help people shed more pounds than other weight loss surgery options.

Gastric bypass may be the best weight loss surgery option, according to new research which discovered the procedure can help patients shed more pounds than other available surgeries.

Although the Food and Drug Administration recently authorized the marketing of Lap-Band surgery for an additional 11 million people, a study from the University of San Francisco discovered gastric bypass can help patients lose almost twice the weight. A year after surgery, researchers reported gastric bypass patients had lost 64 percent of their excess weight, while those who had Lap-Band had only lost 36 percent.

In another study conducted in Taiwan, scientists compared how diabetes patients responded to gastric bypass and the less invasive sleeve gastrectomy procedure. Following the operations, the authors report 93 percent of the gastric bypass patients had their diabetes resolved, while 57 percent of the sleeve gastrectomy patients experienced the same result, with researchers adding that none of those patients were still free of diabetes a year after surgery.

Despite the reported benefits of gastric bypass, no medical procedure is without risk. The Mayo Clinic reports that while the procedure is usually safe, it may cause blood clots, pneumonia and even death for some patients, which is why anyone undergoing the surgery should be sure to purchase a life insurance policy before entering the operating room.

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