Government working to save more lives on the road

Dec 21, 2010

Many people continue to use electronic devices behind the wheel.

Thousands of people die each year in accidents caused by distracted drivers, despite increasingly strong efforts by federal and state officials to crack down on this public safety problem.

In fact, the seemingly random nature of a fatal car crash can serve as a reminder to people that even if they keep themselves in perfect physical condition, the unthinkable can and does happen. And with that in mind, life insurance is a sound investment for those want to provide their loved ones with financial protection.

Meanwhile, the federal government announced this week that its latest effort against careless motorists will come in the form of a second summit on distracted driving, which will be held in Washington D.C. on September 21.

While many people associate distracted driving with texting and cell phone use, other forms can include eating behind the wheel, tending to children and changing the radio dial.

"One year after our first national Distracted Driving Summit, we will reconvene to take stock of our progress and reassess the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. I look forward to hearing insights from our distinguished panelists and guests, and know that by working together, we will save lives," said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

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