Grieving grandparents start fund to assist families with children's burial expenses

May 13, 2011

Grandparents, grieving the recent loss of their grandson, have started a fund to help with children's funeral costs.

Stacy and Chris Hite were devastated when they discovered that their grandson had died. However, with the pain of having to put together an unexpected funeral fresh in their minds, they decided to create a fund to assist other families in a similar situation, according to the Daily Sentinel.

The source says the couple started Gabriel's Wish under the local nonprofit Hope of the Grand Valley in an effort to provide money for burial plots and headstones for infants and young children, after losing their grandson in 2008.

"We wanted if a family was ever in a position where they lost an infant or child, we could help them through that grieving process," Stacy Hite told the source. "If it's one little way we can ease their pain, we're more than happy to do it."

Just days after founding their organization, the source says, Gabriel's Wish helped purchase the burial plot for a 6-month old girl in their Grand Junction community.

Though many do not insure their children, sometimes the death of a child can be even more unexpected than an adult death and the pain of being unable to fund a burial for a little one may be more poignant. Life insurance may benefit those of all ages, including children who may avoid coverage issues based on illnesses they develop later in life.  

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