Groups backing heart health bill for women

Nov 19, 2010

A bill pending before Congress aims to improve women's cardiac health.

A variety of health organizations are teaming up to back legislation pending in Congress that could help promote better heart health among women.

Under the Heart Disease Education, Analysis and Research and Treatment (HEART) for Women Act, the Food and Drug Administration would have more oversight in requiring more gender and race-based data involving new medicines and devices.

The legislation also calls for an expansion of the federal WiseWoman screening program, which benefits low-income women with no health insurance. So far, the legislation has been approved by a House subcommittee.

"The lack of adequate representation of women in clinical trials and the failure to consistently report results by sex impedes successful reduction of cardiovascular events in women," said Lisa M. Tate, CEO of WomenHeart.

Regardless of an individual's race or gender, cardiovascular disease is a leading killer that carries other burdens, including higher health and life insurance premiums. With that in mind, regular screening and a healthy diet are strongly advised for everyone.

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