Have life insurance, other documents ready when meeting financial planner

Nov 09, 2010

Having the right documents, including life insurance, is important when meeting with a financial planner.

Some consumers may consider the services of a financial planner when trying to map their future.

Recently, financial services provider TIAA-CREF released a video outlining the ways in which consumers can start planning for the future. The company also released a list of items people should have with them before visiting an expert.

"A trusted advisor whose recommendations are based on your best interests can help make your money work harder for you and get you on the right path," said Jane Magpiong, TIAA-CREF's head of wealth management.

Consumers should consider what goals they want to meet prior to visiting a financial advisor. Those include when they would like to take out invested money or what age they would like to retire.

Having the proper documents is also important. The company noted those would include deeds, stocks, bonds and life insurance agreements.

Life insurance products can offer consumers a source of income when they finally retire. Both fixed and variable annuities can serve this purpose, although each carries its own levels of risk and reward.

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