Health benefits derived from vitamin D may be more widespread than thought

Nov 22, 2010

Some foods are a better source of vitamin D than others

Vitamin D has several health benefits, such as aiding in the absorption of calcium. Those who are deficient can suffer from fatigue and other health conditions. The nutrient can be found in a range of foods including eggs and cheese.

Research from the Mayo Clinic reveals vitamin D may also feature other health benefits, such as delaying the progression of leukemia. The study shows patients with inadequate levels of the nutrient at the time of diagnosis were nearly 50 percent more likely to die than those with sufficient vitamin amounts.

Mayo Clinic hematologist Dr. Tait Shanafelt says such findings may help empower patients.

"This finding may be particularly relevant for this kind of leukemia because although we often identify it at an early stage, the standard approach is to wait until symptoms develop before treating patients with chemotherapy," says Shanafelt.

In addition to helping patients, such findings may prove beneficial to those who haven't been diagnosed with a major illness. Making sure one has received all the proper nutrients is important for overall health, which in turn could lead to lower life insurance premiums.

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