Healthful diets are for everyone

Dec 21, 2010

Everyone should try to eat right

Proper eating should be a family affair. Regardless of someone's weight or medical condition, it's important for people to consume a balanced diet.

The American Diabetes Association is reminding people that eating right is something that is in everyone's best interest. For Thanksgiving, they say preparing a healthy meal that incorporates options all guests can enjoy is a good idea.

Deputy director at the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University Dr. Marlene Schwartz says, "I find that if I say, 'Here, have some fruit,' it's less effective than if I just set it down and they eat it because it’s there."

Preparing healthy meals that guests and family members can enjoy will help make Thanksgiving festivities more joyful for all. Furthermore, eating a balanced diet on a regular basis may help lower life insurance premiums as well.

Those who eat right are typically in better overall health and therefore less likely to be diagnosed with conditions that raise insurance rates. Obesity and heart disease are just a couple of such ailments.

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