Healthy Diet Helps Ward off Diabetes

Dec 21, 2010

Leafy greens can be useful in avoiding diabetes.

Diabetes has rapidly become one of the nation's top health problems in recent years, fueled by increasingly sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets.

Along with shortening an individual's life expectancy, diabetes can undermine everything from one's eyesight to circulatory system, and it can also result in dramatically higher health and life insurance premiums for those who have been diagnosed.

This week, the BBC reported on studies recently highlighted by the British Medical Journal. The research suggests that increased intake of leafy vegetables like spinach and cabbage can help cut the risk of type 2 diabetes by 14 percent.

The newspaper added that in general, health experts advise people to try to have five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Also, a diet generally higher in produce was reported by the BBC to represent a "general trend" in the direction of avoiding diabetes, but leafy vegetables were seen as offering a more significant health benefit.

Younger, healthier people have it in their best interests to avoid the chronic health conditions that can undermine their future well-being and saddle them with higher medical and life insurance costs.

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