Healthy eating should be practiced at home and while dinning out

Nov 22, 2010

Some say their diet changes when they go out to eat

Advocates have been encouraging people to stay healthy by eating a good diet and getting exercise. Such actions can help reduce a person's dependence on the healthcare system and possibly result in better life insurance premiums.

While many people say they try to eat healthy, they may not following through with their good intentions. A survey conducted by Technomic called the 2010 Healthy Eating Consumer Trend Report found that many people report their eating habits change from what they consume at home to what they eat while dinning out.

It can be challenging to determine the nutritional content of foods, especially when someone else is preparing them. Many chain restaurants list the contents of their meals on their website and some even provide the information in their establishment.

There are also a variety of books and websites consumers can reference to get an estimate of the contents they are eating. It's also important for restaurant patrons to keep portion in mind. Frequently what is served in a restaurant is significantly larger than what a nutritionist would recommend.

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