Healthy eating tips for the holidays

Dec 20, 2010

Eating healthy during the holidays may provide some with the willpower to eat healthy on a regular everyday basis.

The Healthy Fontana released their report consisting of nutritional eating tips for those willing to make the sacrifice and remain fit for the holidays.

The report says rule number one is to avoid going into Thanksgiving dinner feeling hungry because people tend to take in food at a faster pace on an empty stomach. The recommendation is to eat a small healthy snack before the feast. In addition to that, the report notes drinking copious amounts of water will keep a person hydrated and provide the sensation of being full.

Secondly, the report recommends limiting serving sizes and choosing a balanced meal. The Healthy Fontana suggests filling half the plate with vegetables, a quarter with meat and the other quarter with a carbohydrate, such as potatoes or stuffing.

The report’s most vital eating tip is to have smaller portions and eat in moderation, especially during the dessert stage of the big meal. Also, if possible, staying physically active during the holidays is the most beneficial strategy and approach for an eater that wants to be healthy, according to the report.

People should take eating a balanced diet on a regular basis seriously. Those who do may realize lower health and life insurance premiums as a result.

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