Healthy recipes go a long way toward improving lifestyles

Feb 03, 2011

Recipes for healthy food are out there

Combining food that tastes great with solid nutritional value can make getting healthier much less of a chore than it might otherwise be, according to a report from Los Angeles television news station KABC.

One author, Martha Rose Shulman, has decades of experience in making healthy food more palatable, the ABC affiliate reports, adding that Shulman's recipe for healthy buckwheat buttermilk blueberry pancakes takes about three minutes from start to finish.

A key to eating healthy, Shulman told KABC, is to keep a number of key ingredients in stock.

"Make sure you have olive oil and garlic and onions on hand. Make sure you have canned tomatoes so you can make a tomato sauce," she told the TV station. Shulman also said cheese, eggs, pasta, and dried beans are additional important staples to have on hand.

Numerous resources exist for Americans looking to improve dinnertimes from the perspectives of both health and flavor, experts say, and those who do so can also realize unlooked-for benefits like lower rates on health and life insurance.

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