Hearing loss rates increase with chronic kidney disease

Nov 22, 2010

Those with chronic kidney disease may experience hearing difficulties

Those with diabetes can face an uphill battle. People with the condition frequently pay higher life insurance premiums and are more susceptible to developing other serious conditions.

Diabetes, for example, increases the likelihood of developing chronic kidney disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Furthermore, research published by the National Kidney Foundation says those with CKD have a higher prevalence of hearing loss.

University of Sidney professor and study author Davis Harris says while there has long been a suspected link between syndromal kidney disease, new research indicates even regular chronic kidney disease may be related to hearing loss.

"Additionally, toxins that accumulate in kidney failure can damage nerves, including those in the inner ear. Another reason for this connection is that kidney disease and hearing loss share common risk factors, including diabetes, high blood pressure and advanced age."

The CDC says not properly taking care of a diabetes condition can increase the likelihood of CKD getting worse and leading to kidney failure. Furthermore, it says kidney failure rates are higher in African-American and Hispanic populations.

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