High-sugar, low-sugar: it's all good to kids

Jan 27, 2011

Cereal doesn't have to be full of sugar for kids to like it

Research from Yale University's Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity dispels a myth surrounding children and the types of food they enjoy. Sugary options aren't the only choice that kids will willingly eat.

Researchers gave children between the ages of 5 and 12 cereal while at summer camp. The participants were allowed to select one out of three high-sugar or low-sugar cereals. Children reportedly said they liked the cereal regardless of how much sugar it contained.

Jennifer Harris, the study's lead author, says the research indicates there is a misconception about what kids want and will eat.

"Even if parents add a small amount of table sugar, this strategy would reduce the amount of sugar in children's diets while also promoting a balanced first meal of the day," says Harris.

Limiting sugar and eating a balanced diet are important for everyone. More Americans than ever are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and obesity, but eating right can help reduce the prevalence of such conditions. Plus, people may also reap the benefits of lower life insurance premiums as a result.

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