Hispanics have longer life expectancy than other groups

Nov 15, 2010

One group has a higher life expectancy than others, according to a recent report.

A recent report from the National Center for Health Statistics shows that Hispanic members of the population outlive their counterparts.

The NCHS' report says that, on average, Hispanics live 80.6 years. That's more than the white population's average of 78.1 and the 72.9 measured for blacks. The overall population showed a life expectancy of 77.7.

This presents a paradox for researchers, as the Hispanic population generally has a lower socio-economic status than whites. However, the results are supported by earlier pieces of research that indicate similar results.

One theory proposed is one that involves migration. Healthier people are more likely to immigrate to a country, which may be why those of Hispanic origin have a higher life expectancy. The reverse is true as well, as those who came to the country but became ill may leave.

Regardless, there could be life insurance implications as a result of the study, as companies may use expectancy when considering how much to charge a customer.

Regardless of their race, there are a number of things consumers can do to help promote longevity and lower life insurance costs. Those include exercising, maintaining a healthy diet and abstaining from smoking.

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