Holiday fire safety tips

Dec 20, 2010

Following smart safety tips for cooking during the holidays will help prevent a fire in the home.

The Fire and Rescue Department of Fairfax, County, Virginia provided a report full of fire safety tips for the holidays.

The report cites five key causes of fires during the holidays, including lights, candles, fire places and electric heaters can all be hazardous to a home, but cooking is the culprit of 69 percent of Thanksgiving Day fires.

Dan Schmitt, Fire and Rescue public affairs, says, “If you're going to deep fry a turkey, it can be potentially dangerous. A lot of folks do it in an unsafe way,” he commented. “We recommend you roast one, or purchase a store-bought one.”

Some safety tips for cooking provided by the report include staying in the kitchen during the process, keep flammable materials away from the stove top, wear close fitting clothes and be careful when placing the turkey into the oven.

The risk of death from a fierce blaze during Thanksgiving is always prevalent as the U.S. Fire Administration estimates five deaths and about 2,000 residential fires occur every year around this time. These risks validate the need for life insurance because people never know when they may find themselves in a life-threatening situation.

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