Holocaust survivors help lobby for access to unpaid life insurance claims

Apr 11, 2011

Senator proposes life insurance lawsuit bill

Florida Senator Bill Nelson said he will introduce a bill which would allow hundreds of Holocaust survivors to sue European life insurance companies for the payment of claims relating to relatives and friends who were lost to the Nazis, according to the Miami Herald.

Some groups supporting the survivors' right to sue had previously threatened to stage protests outside of Nelson's fundraiser with President Barack Obama, but the senator's introduction of the bill will avoid such a confrontation, the paper said.

Nelson is up for re-election in 2012, and will doubtless face a strong GOP challenger, given Florida's status as one of the country's central political battlegrounds in the presidential race also set for that year. An unnecessary disagreement with a potentially important group of constituents could prove problematic for the Democratic senator.

According to the Washington Times, a Holocaust survivors' group said Italy's Assicurazioni Generali and Germany's Allianz should be forced to disclose lists of policyholders from before World War II so that any claims due because of their deceased relatives can be paid.

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