How pregnancy should factor into life insurance decisions

May 13, 2011

Pregnant women may have extra life insurance considerations to take into account.

Women who previously had gone without life insurance may begin to reconsider when they become pregnant, since they will have someone dependent on them for care. However, expectant mothers may face the dilemma of whether they should try to obtain life insurance while pregnant or if they would be better off waiting until after the child is born. The answer may differ depending on the specifics of the case, Fox Business reports.

For women who have normal pregnancies the time to get life insurance is as soon as possible, according to the source.

Women with abnormal pregnancies, however, may have to wait until after they deliver the baby to apply for life insurance coverage, according to the source. Certain health complications including gestational diabetes, eclampsia and weight gain may make it difficult for them to be approved for insurance. However, these conditions are generally resolved after childbirth.

Whether the mother is having a normal or abnormal pregnancy or not, the father should immediately obtain life insurance so the family has at least some coverage, the source says.

Stay-at-home mothers should also seek insurance even with an insured husband, because if something should happen to them, the husband's income may not be enough to finance the childcare services that will be needed in the mother's absence, according to the Memphis Daily News.

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