IHOP moves to help Americans maintain healthy lifestyles

Nov 22, 2010

IHOP to help eaters stay healthier

IHOP announced today that it would partner with an online menu service to help consumers identify the healthier options available at its restaurants.

The company's senior vice president of marketing, Carolyn O'Keefe, said IHOP's aim was to help customers stay on top of their dietary needs.

"IHOP understands guests are looking for smart yet simple solutions that balance their craving for delicious meals with their interest in eating right when dining out. IHOP's partnership with Healthy Dining is one of several steps we have taken to provide guests with tools to make informed decisions at mealtime." O'Keefe said in a statement.

Healthy Dining's services help identify menu options that provide better nutritional value. That company said 12 IHOP dishes qualify for its "simple and fit" qualification, and five of them also meet Healthy Dining's requirements for a "sodium savvy" designation.

Low-sodium foods can help people avoid heart disease - which can, in turn, allow them to realize lower health and life insurance rates. Lower levels of fat, additionally, tend to make for healthier dining options, experts say. 

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