Illinois town commission volunteers to get life insurance

Oct 07, 2011

Volunteers in and Illinois village will get life insurance, according to Trib Local.

Volunteers serving on commissions in Willowbrook, Illinois, will be given life insurance benefits that current village employees receive, according to Trib Local. The proposal to extend accidental death and life insurance to village volunteers was passed by Willowbrook trustees this week.

“Over the last year appointed and elected officials have brought to my attention newspaper articles and radio broadcasts and internet stories about tragic public incidents that have occurred at meetings around the country,” Village Administrator Tim Halik told the news source. “These volunteers aren’t otherwise compensated for their time. So we thought it was a very economical way for us to provide some added peace of mind.”

The 16 members of the village's plan commission, park commission and board of police will be eligible for life insurance policies that could pay out as much as $100,000. Elected officials will not be eligible for the plan, which will cost the village a total of $1,700 per year by allowing the volunteers to use the same programs village workers are on, Trib Local reports.

Clayton County, Georgia, also offers life insurance to city workers. The county's website said basic life insurance for active employees is available at no cost in the amount of $25,000. Employee supplemental life insurance is available in the amount of $25,000 for $9.25 per month.

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