Impaired motorists present extra dangers on the road

Dec 21, 2010

Law enforcement officials clamped down on drunk drivers in Minnesota

The dangers of an impaired motorist are serious. An intoxicated driver threatens his or her own life as well as that of anyone else on the road.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety is tackling drunk driving by implementing increased enforcement in 13 counties in the state. The counties were selected by reviewing previous driving while intoxicated arrests.

DPS Office of Traffic Safety Director Cheri Marti says the department is focusing efforts on specific areas, but all areas are at risk.

"While impaired driving remains a statewide threat, we can best address the brunt of the issue by focusing resources on sustained campaigns in areas that have had the highest numbers of life-ending and life-changing crashes," says Marti.

It's advisable for motorists to be on the lookout for intoxicated drivers, especially during the holiday season. In addition to being extra cautious, the increased risk of being hit by another driver highlights the importance of having life insurance to help protect loved ones against financial distress.

A life insurance policy can help provide financial support in the event of a loved one passing away. 

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