Increase physical fitness as a family

Jan 27, 2011

Increasing physical fitness as a family will benefit everyone involved.

A healthy family is generally a group of happy individuals that enjoy exercise and the benefits consistent physical activity provides, such as decreasing the risk of developing a disease. My Optum Health recently released a report for families that want to become more active.

Families first need to set guidelines to decrease inactivity. Recommendations like limiting how much television is watched per day and making sure video game and computer use is limited are some vital steps that need to be taken if a family wants to start and stay on the healthy track, says the report.

Physical activity does not have to be all day everyday, but families should try to create at least three, 30 minute time slots each week. The report recommends finding a sport for the kids, or encouraging them to try swimming, biking or skiing.

As a whole, the family can participate in dog walks, assigning chores that require physical effort and supplying the household with gifts like sports equipment, jump ropes and trampolines, says the report.

Increased activity provides advantages for anybody who is consistent with them. Healthier individuals will decrease their risk of developing a disease, and they also may realize less expensive life insurance premiums. 

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