Insurance company calls for more than laws to combat distracted driving

Nov 19, 2010

Whether texting laws work are being called into question

A distracted driver is the source of thousands of accidents each year. A number of states across the country have begun to implement laws specifically targeting cell phone use and texting.

However, a recent body of research from the Highway Loss Data Institute has emerged questioning the effectiveness of such laws. The U.S. Department of Transportation has fired back, saying such laws are needed to keep the public safe.

A major insurance company has chimed in, saying they believe more than just laws are necessary to combat distracted driving. In addition to having the laws, the insurance company asserts that better enforcement, increased education, and more technological advances are needed. Furthermore, they support laws aimed at combating distracted driving.

Following rules and paying attention to the road are just a couple of ways motorists can keep safe. Although even the safest driver can meet harm while on the road. That is why having auto and life insurance is so important. Both forms of insurance coverage can provide financial support in the event of a major accident.

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