Insurer helps stamp out dangerous driving

Dec 20, 2010

A car insurance company is trying to prevent teen's from getting into accidents

Many people who engage in dangerous or risky behaviors on a regular basis are advised to have life insurance for when something goes wrong. However, activities that may seem innocent can have serious consequences, as well.

Driving a car, for example, poses a major risk to a person's life. Thousands of people each year are involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident.

A major auto insurance company is helping to fund a program aimed at reducing accidents among teen drivers. A representative from the insurer notes that younger motorists tend to be involved in more fatal collisions.

"While our roads have never been safer, car crashes remain the number-one killer of all people from 1 to 34 years old, with teens crashing four times more often than any other age group," she says.

Younger drivers are often associated with unsafe driving practices, including excessive speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, and using cell phones behind the wheel.

Even if a person is careful of his or her own actions, one cannot control how others conduct themselves on the road, making auto and life insurance a sound investment. 

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