Insurers are considering a more profound online presence

Aug 03, 2011

Younger life insurance customers are searching online, and companies are taking notice.

Not to say life insurance is more popular, but more people are beginning to get their hands on it. CNN Money reports that younger customers, more in tune with modern channels of communication, prefer to buy directly, and experts are seeing a notable growth in policies.

"Obviously, the internet has fundamentally changed consumers' buying practices over the past 15 years," said LIFE Foundation president Marvin Feldman. Naturally, three out of four Americans between 25 and 44 will use the web for their purchases.

70 percent of individuals surveyed believe they personally need life insurance, but as only 63 percent of them claimed they had coverage, convenience has surely been an issue. Agencies around the country have therefore pursued a variety of innovations to how they interact with potential clients.

Social networking and regular blogging are two of the greatest avenues for companies to better shape the presence of life insurance online. A blog "gives [firms] a forum to continue to promote themselves and toot their own horns," according to a release by InsuranceNewsNet. Consumers visit Facebook and Twitter daily, so company pages speak for themselves.

With the recent release of "Facebook for Business," it's no coincidence that life insurance marketers have gone digital in every way they can. It will be interesting to see how providers juggle to keep older, less savvy existing clients, and draw in more at the same time.

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