Judgment will give children of murdered mother life insurance benefits

Jul 26, 2011

A judge cleared the way for two young children to receive a life insurance policy

The two children of a Buffalo, New York, woman murdered two years ago will be able to benefit from the remaining balance of her life insurance policy after a court ruling.

U. S. District Judge Richard J. Arcara reviewed the life insurance policy of Aasiya Hassan, who was killed in 2009, reported the Buffalo News. Originally, her two young children - Danyal and Rania - were only set to receive $250,000, but it was revealed Hassan also set aside another $180,000 for her three siblings.

In his review, Arcara found the siblings were rightfully listed as beneficiaries on the policy, and all three have agreed to pass their portion of the benefits down to Danyal and Rania, providing them the full extent of Hassan's $450,000 policy, said the report.

The issue arose after evidence came to light that Hassan's husband Muzzamil - who was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for her murder - allegedly forged her signature on a document listing him as the sole beneficiary to her life insurance policy. The insurance company that held the policy could not decide what to do with the money and instead tasked Arcara with the responsibility of finding its rightful beneficiaries.

Hassan's murder drew national attention. It was reported she and her husband had been negotiating a divorce.

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