Kidney disease can affect life insurance premiums

Dec 08, 2010

Unhealthy kidneys can result in chronic medical conditions.

Among the many chronic health conditions that can result in higher life insurance premiums and other setbacks, people may hear the most about diabetes and heart disease.

However, there are numerous other chronic medical conditions that can have a wide range of negative consequences for individuals, from shorter life expectancy to higher insurance costs.

For example, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center recently highlighted the dangers of kidney disease, which currently forces about 500,000 Americans to rely on dialysis treatments to stay alive and maintain their health. The announcement added that African-Americans are four times more likely than European Americans to be diagnosed with kidney disease.

In a development that may help treat more kidney patients in the future, especially African-Americans, BIDMC reports on recent research that identified a genetic variant that may be a warning sign of one's risk for sickness.

Those who have diabetes or are prone to it may especially want to have their kidney health checked regularly because of the effect that it has on one's organs. Kidney conditions also tend to be genetic, although lifestyle adjustments like exercise and a healthy diet can help maintain one's overall physical condition.

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