Kidney disease may increase risk of cardiac arrest

Dec 21, 2010

Those on dialysis may be at a higher risk of going into cardiac arrest

Thousands of patients who suffer from kidney disease require dialysis. The condition may result in higher life insurance premiums, and Dr. Rod Passman from Northwestern Memorial Hospital says that such patients may also be at an increased risk of a cardiac death.

Passman analyzed data and says the longer a patient is on dialysis, the more likely he or she is to die from cardiac arrest. Additionally, he says understanding such findings is needed to prevent people from dying.

"Dialysis patients have extraordinarily high mortality rates with cardiac disease accounting for 43 percent of deaths in this population; data indicates that approximately 27 percent of the mortalities are due to sudden cardiac death," says Passman.

Some data also indicates there may be a link among dialysis, cardiac arrest and potassium levels.

The National Kidney Foundation says that those who suffer from kidney disease may also find themselves with high blood pressure. The condition is one of many which has been shown to pose serious life-shortening consequences and could result in higher life insurance rates.

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