Lack of sleep can lead to fatal accidents

Nov 15, 2010

Driving without enough sleep can have dangerous consequences

It's important for all motorists to be alert and mindful when behind the wheel. Failure to do so can have dire consequences.

Drunk and distracted driving have taken the spotlight when it comes to initiatives aimed at making the roads safer. There are, however, other mistakes motorists make that put themselves and others on the road in danger. Driving while drowsy, for example, can lead to accidents.

In fact, the Florida Department of Transportation says more than 1,500 motor vehicle fatalities a year can be attributed to a drowsy motorist. State Representative Alan Williams says it's important to plan ahead to avoid driving while fatigued.

"Drowsy driving decreases awareness, slows reaction time and impairs judgment. The catastrophic losses that can occur when drivers doze off at the wheel can be prevented, and we want drivers to plan their daily commute and long trips accordingly so that they can arrive safely at their destinations."

The National Sleep Foundation notes that insomnia can lead to mood changes, depression and poor levels of functioning.

Given the fact that even if a motorist is mindful and gets plenty of sleep before driving, the same can't be said for all those who get behind the wheel. It's a good idea to have auto and life insurance to protect oneself in the event of an accident.

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