Laughter helps individuals live healthier lives

Dec 08, 2010

A good laugh is helpful to one's health.

Researchers have long known that smiling and staying upbeat can help ward off high blood pressure and problems that can lead to heart disease and other serious problems.

A recent report from Harvard Medical School noted that those who regularly enjoy a hearty laugh may enjoy benefits such as an improved immune system and lower stress levels. Laughter is also said to reduce one's risk of having a heart attack or a stroke.

The medical school went on to note that researchers are also currently working to learn more about whether depression interferes with a brain's ability to process humor.

Along with laughter, other relaxing activities, such as yoga and walking, can help people maintain a healthy lifestyle even if they have a stressful job. This can be especially useful to people who are already at risk for high blood pressure or heart disease.

By taking steps to reduce their stress, individuals may find it easier to save money on health and life insurance rates by avoiding the chronic health conditions that may affect their peers.

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