Learn to cook safely during the holidays

Jan 27, 2011

Taking necessary safety measures may reduce the risk of a home fire during the holidays.

More homeowners cook during the holidays to accommodate their hungry relatives, but more time on the stove and oven may lead to an increased risk of a kitchen fire if proper safety measures are not taken. The Ohio State Fire Marshal has submitted a list of safety tips for people to use while preparing the feast.

State fire marshal Donald Cooper says that cooking fires are the leading cause of home fires in Ohio, and the cases tend to increase on Thanksgiving and Christmas. He recommends staying in the kitchen at all times when preparing food. However, if the chef has to leave the room then turn off the stove to reduce risk.

The marshal recommends cleaning up food and grease from the stove top and burners, as well as not wearing loose clothing that may catch fire. Placing potholders and oven mitts away from precarious areas where they may be vulnerable is another good safety precaution.

The National Fire Protection Association noted that kitchens are the most common areas for home fires. People who purchase life insurance help their families out financially in case something tragic happens and monetary support is needed.

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