Learn to prevent residential fires

Jan 21, 2011

There are ways to prevent residential fires.

The risk of home fires increases during the holidays mainly because of the decorations families put up, including Christmas trees and space heaters. Safe Kids USA gathered tips people can put implement so their residences remain safe.

Eliminating hazards, such as keeping matches and lighters out of a child’s reach, never overloading electrical outlets and making sure anything flammable is at least 3 feet away from the fireplace, heater or radiator can prevent fires from ever taking place.

Candles and Christmas trees are known to be instigators for house fires, says the report. As for candles, they should be placed in an area where they cannot be knocked over easily and never leave a candle unattended with or without a child around. Christmas trees should not be anywhere near a flame and they should only be used until they dry out.

A study done by the National Fire Protection Agency indicated 30 percent of reported home structure fires and 38 percent of the deaths caused by the incidents occurred in the winter months of December through February. People should ensure the safety of themselves and their family by acquiring life insurance because a tragic situation can arise when its least expected.

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