Life insurance a sound option for those on the move

Feb 03, 2011

It's important to always wear a seat belt

In a society full of pressure to always be on the go, many people may simply neglect to wear their seat belt because they are in such a rush. However, failure to spare a few seconds for safety can have fatal consequences.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says motor vehicle accidents send an adult to the hospital every 14 seconds.

CDC director Thomas Frieden says even though 6 out of 7 adults say they wear a seat belt while in a car, that still means a number of people aren't buckling up often enough.

"A simple step that most drivers and passengers in the U.S. already take - buckling their seat belts - cuts in half the chance of being seriously injured or killed in a crash," says Frieden. "Yet, about 1 in 7 adults do not wear a seat belt on every trip."

Unbelted motor vehicle occupants are at an increased risk of dying in an accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says 13,000 survived an accident in 2008 because of a seat belt.

While wearing a seat belt is the best form of protection for anyone in a car, purchasing life insurance is also a good idea.

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