Life insurance companies halt payment to wife of murdered husband

Oct 07, 2011

A woman has been named a suspect in the murder of her husband by a life insurance company and may not receive her claim.

A $3 million life insurance plan for a murdered veterinarian in San Diego, California, is being delayed, as the company has listed his wife as a suspect in his death.

Robert Stonebreaker was found dead in a Rancho Santa Fe driveway after walking away from a car crash, and his wife Pamela is now trying to collect a $3 million life insurance claim. The case said Stonebreaker was killed by blunt force trauma to the head unrelated to the crash, and the insurance company has now named his wife as a suspect in the case.

"I did not kill my husband, Bob Stonebreaker, nor did I have anything whatsoever to do with his death. I do not know who killed Bob or why he was killed," Pamela Stonebreaker said in court documents.

The same federal documents have the life insurance company saying it has tried numerous times to clear Stonebreaker's name, but wrote that there is no longer cooperation from her. The company could offer the $3 million payment to the children, but no decision has been made at this point. Stonebreaker is not charged with the murder of her husband.

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