Life insurance company gets strong ratings from A.M. Best

Feb 07, 2011

Rating higher for insurance company

Brokers National Life Assurance Company received a good financial strength rating and was deemed credit-worthy from information and analysis firm A.M. Best.

Even better, the researchers at A.M. Best said the ratings were not likely to drop in the foreseeable future. Despite a decline in premium revenue, the company said, Brokers National maintained a strong financial position thanks to what the analysts called "favorable underwriting results."

The outlook for the industry in general is beginning to improve, the Wall Street Journal reported recently, citing the specific case of AIG's life insurance wing getting out from under government restrictions and turning in strong profits for the company.

Many strong companies in the marketplace means competition - and therefore lower prices - could be a result, experts say. Potential life insurance consumers should do their research both online and off to make sure they know the best option available to them. Additionally, they should carefully consider the type of policy - whether term life or whole life - along with the company they're going to purchase it from.

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