Life insurance company to run series of shock TV advertisements

Feb 01, 2011

Advertisements could cause this reaction

Most potential life insurance customers understand that the central idea of buying coverage is to protect one's family from the sudden loss of a breadwinner's income. An ad campaign by one life insurance company, Aviva, will seek to bring home the reality of such a tragedy to consumers.

The company said its intent is to disturb, Aviva's head of protection marketing told Health Insurance and Protection.

"One in every 29 children under 16 in the UK loses a parent yet millions of UK families are still under-protected financially. Our challenge was to tackle the traditional barriers that prevent people taking out life insurance and make people sit up and take action," said Louise Colley.

Although the campaign will be limited to a UK audience, experts say the trend toward more emotionally compelling advertisements could spread to other countries.

The emotional aspect of the campaign is its biggest selling point, tugging at the heartstrings of potential consumers to encourage them to protect their loved ones - especially children - from the possibility of a tragic incident.

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