Life insurance guards against the unexpected

Nov 09, 2010

Even careful drivers can fall victim to reckless motorists.

The possibility of being involved in a fatal car crash is just one reason why it makes sense for people of all ages and health levels to consider carrying a life insurance policy.

In fact, the issue of distracted driving has been making considerable news in recent months, in part because of heightened attention to the problem from government officials. However, many people may not realize that distracted drivers may be doing much more than just using cell phones or texting devices behind the wheel.

For example, a survey from AAA and Kurgo, a pet products company, indicates that about 20 percent of motorists on the road at any given time may be driving with their pet in their lap.

This is especially dangerous when considering how many of these drivers acknowledged other unsafe behaviors like playing with their or pets or feeding and petting them while behind the wheel. With such distractions, these motorists are more likely to involve themselves and others in a potentially dangerous crash.

Since motorists never know what they may be facing when they head out on the road, a life insurance policy is a good idea when it comes to protecting loved ones financially against the unexpected.

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