Life insurance is important now more than ever

Oct 06, 2011

Many consumers are struggling with finances due to the economy, and forgetting about life insurance.

Many individuals and families are still feeling the backlash of the recession, whether it be in a loss in home value, a decrease in pay or an overall downgrade in household budgets and expenditures. Purchasing a life insurance policy can help ensure that family members and loved ones do not suffer any further financial burden in the event of a death.

dBusiness News recently identified steps to help those without policies find the best coverage. Consumers should identify how much life insurance they need. They should determine how much of their current income will need to be replaced by the policy benefits to maintain a certain standard of living. Life insurance policies come in term, permanent or a combination of both. Consumers should research the differences and decide on which type best suits their needs.

There are many buying options available to consumers as well. Employers often offer life insurance, insurance professionals will speak with individuals in person regarding their options and many online sources provide consumers with information and the ability to compare quotes directly online, according to the news source.

Also available to consumers is an annuity that will provide a steady stream of income with the onset of retirement. According to Investment News. many insurance providers are using a tactical-asset-allocation program to protect annuity investments from stock market fluctuations and volatility, further protecting retirement assets.  

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